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The Legal Capsule is one of India’s best digital stamping systems. Our institution thrives itself in going full digital while complying with the standards set by the SCHL and other Indian stamping unions and laws.


We strive to make legal simple for Our clients

Don’t let simple documentation affect your movement towards digitalization

At The Legal Capsule, we offer all our clients the ability to affix stamp paper to any documents around the country. We ensure that the process is mellow and all standards are compiled from the start until the end

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Fast and hassle-free documentation

The entire process of physical documentation is time taking and a stressful encounter spanning for long periods. The Legal Capsule makes this entire procedure simple and easy to work with. Our platform allows you to upload your document and get it stamped on the portal within a fraction of seconds.

Safe and secure E-Stamping

Putting up your documents online is a scary thought with hackers and spammers waiting down every HTML server. Our one-of-a-kind encryption algorithm provides optimum security against scammers, forgery and third-party access. The encryption also keeps track of people who have access and monitors all their activity across the system.

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Paperless way forward

E-stamping eliminates the requirement of paper. There may be certain situations where stamp papers may run out in the market. However, with e-stamping facilities, the need for paper is completely thrown out of the picture. Going paperless also helps in saving the environment and protecting it by a small gesture. We have access to stamp papers from licensed vendors and banks on our platform. This brings a world of opportunities and time-saving measures all under one simple platform. Contact us to know more about our unique services.

Percentage based stamp duty payment done at ease

Stamp duty payment is 1% of the market value of the item. At The Legal Capsule, we offer our customers the opportunity to pay all stamp duty irrespective of whether it is a percentage or a fixed amount. Our dynamic e-stamping services allow our customers to pay digitally and go digital getting ahead of the majority of the population.

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Full clarity and visibility of your stamp duty

With our advanced platform, you will no longer have to deal with vendors or coordinate with offices across different parts of the country. We make E-stamping look simple and ensure full visibility and clarity with our services. Once the documents are stamped on our portal they can be readily verified using a certificate of authentication, which we issue with every single stamped document. The UIN number ensures that the document cannot be tampered with. The unique number can also be employed to check the authenticity of the document in our inquiry portal.

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