Identify And Implement Automation For Any Processes That Hinder The Speed Of Contract Completion.

Contractzy Offers Custom-Made Features Designed To Facilitate Collaboration Between Legal And Business Teams.

Speed Up Your Contract Processes And Get Your Teams Working Together Effortlessly.

New Contract Request

Contract Requests

Raise contract requests with the legal team and track the progress. Also set priority and the due dates for key notifications and alerts.

Template Generator

Instantly generate contracts with our in-built pre defined templates Import contract in PDF or Word format directly Send the Contract for approval and save different versions of the Contract

Contract Template
Collaborative Contract Editing

Real Time Edit And Review

Draft Contracts directly using Contractzy in MS Word. Redline, comment and work in Track Changes Mode. Don't worry we will save the Audit trail of all the changes for you.

Workflow Automation

Use our automated workflows to set predefined conditions on different parameters for defining right approvals. Select defined workflows to contracts on the go and rest is taken care by Contractzy

Automated Contract Workflow
Electronic Contract Signing

Digital Signature

Imprint the handwritten signature in a digital form to reduce manipulation and increase security and reliability.

Digital Stamp Paper

E-sign and merge your Documents with our own method of Digital Stamping and electronically affixing the same on the document to create Contracts within minutes.

Official Contract Stamping
Central Contract Storage

Contract repository

Contractzy provides unlimited storage of documents including different negotiated versions, executed contracts, amendments, attachments, etc.

Report generation

Get a customised dashboard to track all contracts with different meta fields based on users, region, vendors, turn around time, etc. Generate reports across departments.

Contract Reporting