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In today’s world, all the best institutions are focusing on improving their productivity and efficiency. In this hunt, they are slowly shifting towards digital solutions. At The Legal Capsule our contract management system makes use of electronic signatures. These E-signatures have replaced the traditional time and capital-consuming method of mailing, printing, and waiting for the contract to come back physically. To get away from this confusion, you can sign and send your contracts faster and efficiently using E-signatures through our platform.


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Sign unlimited contracts any time

The Legal Capsule powers our clients to sign unlimited e-signings at any time. Documents can be signed on our platform across the entire globe within a few seconds.

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Save the environment

Paper is an important necessity for physical legal documents. To get a single piece of, paper many trees have to be cut down. But if you use our platform for e-signatures, not a single tree will be chopped up for your contract. Come join us in getting your documents signed through E-signatures and making a small contribution to saving our depleting earth.

Improve productivity and save office space

E-signatures save a lot of time and effort, allowing users to focus more precisely on other assignments and resources. Since the information of electronic signatures is stored digitally, they save a lot of space in offices. Our platform has a centralized document management feature, which eliminates the need for manually checking to find your documents in the stack of paper.

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Paperless workflow to reduce costs

Going paperless and replacing it with e-signatures not only saves space but also helps in reducing costs. With E-signatures, you will not have to pay for postal services, printing, boxes to store the documents, etc. In addition, payment from clients will arrive faster due to our efficient e-signing platform.

Minimize risks and secure signatures

Paper documents are fragile and prone to damage due constant shipping and movement. Besides, urgent documents may be delivered to your company with missing signatures in some sections. The E-signing technology of The Legal Capsule gets rid of all these risks. Furthermore, the robust encryption algorithms of our system help protect the contract from third-party access or forgery.

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Workflow trail tracking

Our electronic solution platform can keep a trail of all our signing parties. We have information about their IP address, timestamp, and submission of the signatures. The entire trail from who has viewed your document to the complete transaction history everything is stored in our database.

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