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Our contract management services are put forth by experts who are familiar with contracting. We are a one-stop solution aimed at helping you to save your precious time and money.

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Contract management should be fast and up to the point. At The Legal Capsule, our self-service template generator has hundreds of templates, which will help you draft your contracts in a matter of minutes. Our platform drives you to increase the performance of your contract across its lifespan. We believe in an up-to-date reliable contract management module that will completely eliminate human errors.


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Contract automation systems for slick contract streamlining

Drafting a contract is a taxing job and can lead to unforeseen human errors making it not reliable. Our platform has in-built tools that will help you to efficiently build contracts without any legal knowledge. The platform also allows you to redline areas and tasks during negotiation by giving comparative scores and values. The dynamic approval workflow allows you to make the best decisions without worrying about any consequences. We make it our utmost priority to provide our users with user-friendly software that makes contract implementation look crisp and simple.

contract automation software
automated contract software

Complete visibility and overview of all your contracts

Contracting solutions have never been so simple with us. Our one-of-a-kind platform provides you with all the insights and status of your contracts. The Legal Capsule offers personalized dashboards, which show users templates and different clauses in their contracts. The dashboards also determine certain dos and don’ts of your specific contracting situation. Special audit trails and role-based access is provided with individual accounts to enhance your experience.

Improve the performance of your contracts

Important contracts are often kept lying down in cabinets or desktops at work. The lack of control or reminder allows these contracts to go down the line. There may be certain important activities that may pass by without you noticing. Our unique platform at The Legal Capsule gives you constant reminders and specifications to improve the working and functionality of your contract in the long run.

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Agreement Cloud solutions

Safe and sound to meet deadlines

Never again, be afraid of penalties or fines. Store your contracts in our cloud storage and get personalized reminders for renewals or milestones. The contracts within the storage can be retrieved using our advanced search filters. You can access all your contracts stored in our cloud servers across different locations. Our platform is protected by secure algorithms, which can detect any access made for your contracts.

Legacy contracts have gone digital

Digitize historic contracts by just uploading them on our platform. These contracts are securely stored in our cloud server and can be accessed using our customized search filters. We believe in paperless contracts that are automated following enhanced data-driven automation services provided by our unprecedented platform.

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