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Contract automation provides solutions to major contracting issues faced in the physical world. Managing contracts across different departments is a tiring task. Each of these departments has its set priorities, which pushes your priorities to the side. We at The Legal Capsule offer a solution for this problem by providing a unified platform that takes care of all your needs and always meets your expectations.


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Swift workflow with automated contracts

Our Contract automation services at The Legal Capsule covers the contract from approval, signing to storage. Our in-built templates generator allows you to build a wide range of templates. The library in the template generator has hundreds of pre-drafted contracts. You also have the liberty to custom design your templates and set up respective fields.

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Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) Solutions

Complete version control with automated contracts

Contract automation solutions offer complete visibility and solution to your contracts. The automation services take care of your contract across its entire lifespan. Our in-built filters allow our users to access contract details and all related information. At the Legal Capsule, we offer our customers the ability to create and keep track of the contractual process.

Top security in the business

We at The Legal Capsule, take utmost care about the safety and security of your information on our platform. We have top-of-the-line cloud encryption to prevent any data loss or file corruption. At the same time, your data cannot be accessed by anyone other than authorized personnel.

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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

Automate contracts to get answers faster

Our contract automation platform at The Legal Capsule ensures that contracts are prepared and signed off at the earliest. Our easy to create contracts can be sent to prospective clients and investors directly. The need for printing or mailing these documents is completely out of the pictures.

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